What makes us unique…

A diverse team of international gaming specialists are dedicated to the success of each game and focused on maximizing each titles potential

Professional partnership at eye level. This allows development studios of all sizes to maximize the potential of their games – worldwide, without giving up their final say in all development related issues, without losing the rights in the game.

Games Group’s PROs vs self-publishing

  • No financial and personnel risk
  • Inhouse, international experts in all marketing/commercial channels are immediately available
  • Full transparency on all important subjects of the partnership / access to our network
  • Worldwide Payment Management and optimization
  • Ongoing monetization advice
  • Utilization of all possible income streams

Games Group’s PROs vs traditional Publishing

  • Higher return / Full participation of a product’s financial success (50%)
  • Absolute product sovereignty & product freedom
  • All rights to the game (IPs) remain with the developer

Gamesgroup’ s CON compared to publishing

  • No advance payments for the basic development of the game

The European Games Group is focusing on Online-/Free-2-play/Crossplatform-Games.

Besides important elements like financing or payment there is a terrific young team of successful Ad Sales-, Marketing-, Social Media-, Influencer and PR Managers as well as Product- / Monetisation-Managers and Designers that are working nonstop to scale up the games worldwide.