Partner, not Publisher
We are the alternative to signing off to a portfolio Publisher or taking the risk of self-publishing


We are the next generation enabler for independent minded developers that are looking for a strong partner to scale their game in the ever changing and competitive F2P-market!

We act as outsourced commercial department for partners who care deeply about their product and want to stay in creative and technical control of their game

We have a fully geared, commercially oriented, analytics driven team ready to take on your game and make it a commercial success worldwide!

We focus on every single title we launch, ensuring it gets the care and attention to detail your game deserves!

We give you full access to everything we do with your game: Whether it’s contracts, KPIs, or financials – we provide full transparency to you!

The European Games Group is focusing on Online-/Free-2-play/Crossplatform-Games.

Besides important elements like financing or payment there is a terrific young team of successful Ad Sales-, Marketing-, Social Media-, Influencer and PR Managers as well as Product- / Monetisation-Managers and Designers that are working nonstop to scale up the games worldwide.

Send us an Email and let’s find out what we can do together!