Big Bang Empire: The Easter Season Begins

Big Bang Empire: The Easter Season Begins

The free2play browser game shines with hot features and a Facebook competition

Munich, April 10th 2017 – From today until April 16th, in the free2play browser game Big Bang Empire of the Publisher European Games Group and the developer team of Playata, the famous Easter Special takes place – In addition to exciting Easter missions and a fun convention with some profitable job opportunities, erotic stars may also look forward to 13 sexy items as well as a holiday movie set for exciting moments. The lucrative double week is currently in full swing and highlights the Easter Season in Big Bang Empire. On the official Big Bang Empire Facebook page, a great competition with real prices will start soon.

Easter Missions and the Hot-Bunny-Convention
Special time, combat and ability missions are available for the movie stars. Players will be promoting their Easter movie and posing for a poster in front of busy photographers’ cameras. For advertising purposes, players must also distribute flyers for the great Easter season in a trendy Club. Tactic is needed here, because many highly-motivated rabbits are currently cavorting in the city.

In addition, the hot new talent Esther “Bunny” Bangolia has had a dream start in the erotic scene. With her “Hot Bunny” Convention, she is touring with grandiose success across the country and gives young and experienced erotic stars the unique chance to present themselves in her shows. Participants of the Convention will be generously rewarded.

Items for the perfect Bunny Look
For the perfect Easter outfit, the well-stocked In-game shop caters to players with 13 exclusive items, which are only available during the Easter Special. Besides Fluffy Ears and plush panties, players pimp themselves with Ear Studs “Happy Easter” or a Slim Fluffy Belt these days. Two brilliant gadgets are also available.

 Easter Style-Movie set
As a highlight, a colorful holiday film set for all the stars and starlets is available. On this movie set everything is about hot bunnies and happy eggs.

Dropping by the official Big Bang Empire Facebook page is worth it, especially during Easter week, because players will find a great competition with the chance to win real prices -> Facebook

Double-bonus for all Bunnys
As a highlight, players will receive a different double-bonus every day – but only during the first five days of the Easter-Specials, lasting from April 10thto April 14th:

On Monday, double courage for lots of extra duel fun
On Tuesday, you can use the washing machine twice
On Wednesday, you will receive a double portion of energy
On Thursday, you can refresh the offers in the sex shop twice for free
On Friday, there’s another double courage bonus for lots of extra duel fun

About Big Bang Empire
Big Bang Empire illustrates, without actual nudity but remaining sexy and fun, one of mankind’s most cherished pastimes and the business that surrounds it. Players slip into the role of a budding adult movie star and take their chance to conquer the blue movie Olympus! With its brightly colored comic-style graphics, Big Bang Empire is clearly inspired by the classics of the erotic game genre and aspires to be just as outrageously funny as its famous predecessors.

The browser game Big Bang Empire officially started worldwide on December 12th, 2014 with a PEGI 16 rating and can be played via

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