Partner with us

We share your risk – We share profit

Are you an independent game developer


Do you have free2play games and you need a partner who will help you make it a worldwide HIT


Are you looking for a partner, not a publisher


You are at the right place!


  • Your game – your expertise
  • Creativity & product vision
  • Technology
  • Design
  • Full product ownership



  • Worldwide marketing horsepower
  • Analytics & financials
  • Design and monetization consultancy
  • Full transparency

Why should you work with us?

Professional partnership - This allows development studios of all sizes to maximize the potential of their games worldwide, without giving up their final say in all development related issues, while retaining the rights to their game(s)

PROs vs self-publishing

  • No financial and personnel risk
  • In-house, international experts across all marketing/commercial gaming channels are immediately available
  • Full transparency on all aspects of the partnership, including access to our network and data
  • Worldwide payment management and optimization
  • Ongoing monetization advice
  • Utilization of all potential income streams
  • Cash for marketing
  • Active Ad Sales

PROs vs traditional portfolio publishing

  • Higher return / Full participation of a product’s financial success (50%)
  • Absolute product sovereignty & product freedom
  • All rights to the game (IPs) remain with the developer

CONs compared to traditional publishing

  • No advance payments for the basic development of the game, but in specific cases, technical advances are available

The European Games Group is focusing on
Free2play/Cross-Platform Games